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 Tojil Strategy

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PostSubject: Tojil Strategy   Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:06 am

Job Requirements

Ochain. Twilight Set. Good DT set. Good DD set recommended.

Damage Dealers
Good TP and WS sets. DT set. HP set. Macros to quickly switch between said sets.
Fully merited job. Relevant Combat skills and WS merits. 15/15 STR and DEX. 15/15 HP.
Monks need 5/5 Formless Strikes and 5/5 Mantra. Dragoon needs 5/5 Angon and augmented relic hands.

March+3 and Minuet+3. Soothsayer Staff and good Macc set to stick Dispel and debuffs. 5/5 Minuet 5/5 Troubadour and Nightingale.
Capped Singing and Instrument Skills.

Dark/Light Shot Acc set. DT/Phantom roll set. Capped Marksmanship skill.

Good Stun recast set. good MACC set. preferably Apamajas II. Capped Enfeebling and Dark magic skill.
Relevant chat log and effects filters to keep lag to a minimum.

Red Mage
Good MACC set. Good Fast Cast set. 8/8 Enfeebling magic merits. Capped Enfeebling skill.
5/5 Para II. 3-5/5 Dia III. Having Impact is a huge plus.

White Mage
50% Cure Potency set. Idle refresh set. Fast Cast set. Enhancing set.
5/5 Cure cast time. 5/5 Barspells. 5/5 Shellra V.

Capped skill. Cure Potency set. Idle DT/Refresh set.


DDs bring Reraise, Remedies, RCB/YCB and Sole Sushi.
Mages bring Reraise, Remedies, Relevant food, Echo drops, Poison Potions.

The fight

Gather in the tunnel before Tojil. WHMs refresh Prot/Shell, Boost-STR and other beneficial buffs. Corsairs switch
parties and start roll. Switch back to your regular party after second roll. Once the 3rd roll goes up, BRDs start
their SV rotation. PLD uses Invincible and runs in to aggro everything that could possibly link, and then Tojil. Just
aggro, nothing else. When the PLD runs to pull, the support jobs have to Haste. Everyone has to be hasted before
Tojil is back. Mages use Poison Potions right after you hasted. BRDs Ballad the healers. The DD that
grabs Tojil from the PLD brings it into the tunnel far enough to avoid aggro from the monsters in the room. Mages take
your distance and be careful with hate before DDs engage. The DD that pulled from the PLD will engage Tojil even if
we have adds, or it will eat our mages faces. All the other DDs, take the adds first.


Engage and position with your back against a wall, both sides work. Use your HP set if you get weakened.
Turn if Blaze Spikes is taking your HP down too fast. Re-engage once healed up. Be aggressive! To win, massive
amounts of damage needs to be dealt in little time. So use all your offensive abilities when you engage, and
use them again when they wear off. CORs will reset timers for you. Don't bother with DT sets during TP moves.
Only use it if you're in danger. Nothing Tojil does should one shot you, if you're not weakened.

The MNKs rotate Mantra. The moment you engage Tojil, you have to use Impetus, Berserk, Aggressor, Focus.
Once all of those are active (make sure they go off, its normal attacks can stun!) Formless Strikes and
Hundred Fists. No weaponskills should be used during the first 25%. Once Tojil is at 74% HP, cancel Formless Strikes
and start use weaponskills again. Once Impetus, Berserk, Focus and Aggressor wears, use it again! CORs have reset
them for you. If Hundred Fists is restored, save it for the last 25%.

Use Angon in the start, and again at 74% or as soon as it's reset after that. Once the second Angon wears off (make sure you don't miss it.),
use Spirit Surge and Jump for another -20% Def down. Keep Box Step 5/5 throughout the fight.

Free yourself from the adds on the pull, one way or the other. Either by dying and reraising until it's clear, or kill them
if there aren't too many(it's likely going to be many). Engage and fight Tojil weakened or not. Use Stutter
steps to help the mages stick their spells. If a wipe occurs, it's your job to hold Tojil and keep it while the alliance unweakens.
A SCH (If stun has started to resist) or DRK will help keep a DoT on it to prevent regeneration.


Def and Eva down spheres. Use Bolster at 74%. Assist with healing during the fight.

Red Mage
Start by silencing, then immediately Dia III. Then Dispel its Defense and Magic Defense Boost with Spontaniety.
Saboteur Para II, Slow as needed. Keep SCHs hasted. If Tojil uses Batholithic Shell, Dispel until all buffs are dispelled.
Using Impact is very beneficial.

Light Shot Dia III for potency, Haste/Erase your DD, Dark Shot if Tojil uses Batholithic Shell. During rotation use
Chaos, Fighter's, Hunter's and Rogue's Roll. Reroll Chaos and Hunter's as they wear. When Tojil is at 74% HP use
Wild Card on your DDs to give them their abilities back. Inform the alliance that it's done. Don't be afraid to shoot/WS
some if time allows, but save Quick Draw for Dark/Light shot.

Haste/Erase your DD, Ballad your mages, Magic Finale if Tojil needs to be dispelled. Double March when SV
buffs starts to wear (Very, very crucial to do quickly). BRD in mage party keep SCHs 2x Marched.

White Mage
Be very quick with healing if someone doesn't have close to capped HP.
If weakened DDs; keep them topped off, preferably with Cureskin too. Curaga is very useful here too.

Stun with Alacrity when it's up, without when it isn't. Dispel immediately if you miss your stun, then keep dispel
between your stuns until all buffs are dispelled.

Bard and Corsair Rotation
I'd recommend a different macro set to be used for this specifically. Not just with rotation specific macros but also with the spells and abilties used.

Corsair rotation procedure

Corsairs switch parties before they start rolling. Commence rolling when green light is given. First party needs Fighter's and Rogue's Roll. When both
are applied, switch back to your normal party and cast Chaos and Hunter's Roll. That's all for the rotation. Keep Chaos and Hunter's on for the
remaining of the fight.

Bard rotation procedure

The moment the Corsair rotation casts their 3rd roll, the Bard rotation starts. not 1 second later, 3 rolls is the signal. Someone will count rolls in
party chat, and say "Bards go" when the 3rd roll is used. SV Troubadour Nightingale, and cast your assigned songs. Immediately drop party, and
immediately join when invited. Cast your two songs again on this party, immediately drop and join the third party. Do the same there, drop and
join your first party. That's the Bard rotation. When SV buffs start to wear off use Marcato and double march your DDs. Start with Victory.

Party leaders need the following macros:
line1: /pcmd add "brd1"
line1: /pcmd add "brd2"
line1: /pcmd add "brd3"
line1: /pcmd add "cor1"
line1: /pcmd add "cor2"

Bards need the following macros:
line1: /pcmd leave line2: /t "pt leader1" [Invite to join party!]
line1: /pcmd leave line2: /t "pt leader2" [Invite to join party!]
line1: /pcmd leave line2: /t "pt leader3" [Invite to join party!]
line1: /join

Corsairs need the following macros:
line1: /pcmd leave line2: /t "pt leader1" [Invite to join party!]
line1: /pcmd leave line2: /t "pt leader2" [Invite to join party!]
line1: /join

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PostSubject: Re: Tojil Strategy   Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:53 am

Hey Razius~ Going through the guide a couple of times with Leii, and we got some feedback regarding the Bard rotation.

1) Maybe you can write a paragraph dedicated to bard rotation, just to make it very clear on what is expected of party leaders/ bards (when to rotate, how to rotate, what songs to cast (who does which minuet?), etc.)

2) Just struck me, but what do Bards sing to the PLD party? The usual minuet, march and madrigal? I can understand March, but would it be more beneficial for the BRD staying with the PLD party to start off with Balladx2, and the other 2 BRDs can do marchx2 and, im not really sure what else to sing that might be useful. Suggestions here?

3) I suggest that Hawina or yourself do a party call to get ready before Tojil, in macro. Something like:

/p {call} Everyone {Gather Together} for buffs. Bards SV in 5 seconds, on my call.
/wait 5
/p {call}  Bards Soul Voice, Nightingale and Troubadore now. Song rotation go!

The reason is on Friday, again there was a Bard who was slow. I know that one of them was confused, and started late, so at the end of the rotation, Nightingale and Troubadour wore by the third party. For a time critical fight, we shouldn't let it happen again.

4) How long on average does it take to do 1 rotation? If we can aim to take it below 30 seconds, before Troubadour and Nightingale wears, could it be a good idea for Bards to sing 2xelegy, Nocturne, and any other enfeebs on tojil? I know it'd be tight, but could it work?

5) Further improving on this, can the bards do a macro like:
/sing 2 songs
/wait until 2nd song is done
/t nextleader {Please invite me.}
/autogroup on

-> The Autogroup on thing, as far as I know, immediately accepts an invitation, so it might yet again eliminate the seconds between the leader request and invite acceptance phase.
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PostSubject: Re: Tojil Strategy   Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:38 pm

Good suggestions! I will add some Bard rotation instructions once I've talked to Hawina about it.
As she has handled the rotation procedure up until now, it would be good for me to get her advice.

I still think the PLD/Stun party should have the same songs as the other parties, because:

March+Minuets means joining up with the Tojil group much faster. Having different songs on one party means
it makes it slightly more complicated, and we should keep things as simple as possible. I can't really think of
any songs the SCHs and RDM would benefit from other than marches. Correct me if I'm wrong: MP won't be a
problem for them, Damage taken won't be a problem as they should be out of AoE range, sticking debuffs
shouldn't be a problem with easily attainable but good gear.

By all means, cast Elegy if Tojil is in position and there is time left of NT, but if it isn't, no worry. It lasts
3 minutes at base duration, so it only has to be cast a few times anyway. No other debuff is of importance
really, so as long as Carnage Elegy is on Tojil, focus on support duties. Battlefield and Carnage Elegy doesn't
stack by the way, so Carnage only.

With Relic body and (I think) feet +2, BRDs NT duration will be boosted 20 seconds, so if our BRDs
have trouble to finish their rotation in one minute, get those pieces! And even if you usually finish within the
minute, the extra seconds never hurt. I can't really say anything about the /autogroup because I don't know
how it works, exactly. If it works like you say, it could indeed be very handy. We should test how it works
the next time we are gathered.

I admit that better instructions during our events is something we will have to fix, and I will continue to add
more information to this thread to clear things up that may be confusing.

So please continue to post ideas, everyone!

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PostSubject: Re: Tojil Strategy   Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:04 am

Another very minor point, but when soul voice is out and march is reapplied, BRDs should remember to Marcato + Victory March Very Happy I'm unsure of MNK's delay reduction calculations, but for SAM and for DRK (when Last resort is not up) and possibly all other jobs without Job Ability Haste, a +3 March will give an extra 7.1% haste, which can cap Delay Reduction Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Tojil Strategy   Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:10 pm

Oh, yeah! I'll make sure to mention Marcato too. I had completely forgotten about
that ability.
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PostSubject: Re: Tojil Strategy   Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:31 am

After yesterday's run I realized that we need a preset hold strategy, in the event of a wipe at low % with time remaining we can hold a NM till everyone recovers.

I know some NMs can be slept (new NMs apparently don't have straight up enfeeble resistance only high stats that make landing them harder) but even if that is possible I expect them to start resisting before everyone unweakens. (Also if we can sleep maybe it would be worth to do that at 40% or so to give us an opportunity to re-rotate bards)

A simple zombie will let the NM regenerate which is not what we want; a DoT has to be applied the whole time to ensure it doesn't regenerate.

For this to work you really need 2 people: the zombie and the DoTer. The zombie does their job as expected to prevent the NM from moving to a bad location/mow down alliance. While the DoTer will make sure bio or something is applied at all times, they will inevitably die after casting each DoT (after the zombie), but they should be alive and hate free when the DoT wears off and it is time to cast again.

For our next run I highly recommend we have these 2 people already identified so they can act ASAP when shit hits the fan. (If not DoT is applied we could try sleep)
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PostSubject: Strategy suggestions   Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:16 am

Some suggestions of Delve runs.


PLD/dncOchain&twilight set a must. If you don't have those don't use this job.  
Job: to pull nms and clear way for alliance to pass.

Whm/rdm or whm/sch: -Cast time & +Cure%.
job:Keeping melee alive is #1 priority. Do not spend time raise deads. Focus on keeping who is alive.

Brd: March +3 instruments, or relic horn or E-harp.
jbo: (level up your skills). Keep debuffs and haste on partner.

Cor/whm: Relic +2 augments. priority list: feet>head>hands>legs>body. Feet and head a must have.  
job:Keep debuffs and haste on partner.

Geo/rdm: Geo AF, Magic acc & mab & dpt set. (twilight cloak:optional)
job: inside-Indi-Languor&Geo-Torpor, outside:Indi-Focus&Geo-Frailty. Enfeebling magics&nukes. Outside geo will help keep other geo alive. don't just stand and do nothing.

Sch/blm: Stun set. Recast and fast cast items must have. (Twilight cloak:optional).
job: Don't miss stuns. miss stuns. in between your stuns, 1 Enfeebling spell OR there should be enough time for you to nuke a T1 spell. ie: thunder, stone. etc.

Mnk/war: Oat/rank15. Mani legs feet and body to rank 15. Relic +2 body,leg,feet with augments is a must have.
job: Mantra order, know when to us your 100fist and formless strikes.

Drk/sam Drk/war: good tp and ws set.
job: stun only when you can land, because extra stuns will only add to earlier stun walls. But weapon bash is very good.

Drg: Angon fully merit with Relic +2 hands Augment.
job: know when to use 1hr ability, keep Argon on monster.


Entry: Buff,rolls,songs.
Pld search nms and bring to starting spot. If no nm in Big room, alliance move inward. Pld clear path and hold adds. After find nms nad camp, then can kill off adds. Study the maps. Don't get lost and avoid extra adds.

NMs- T1-T3. No brd or cor rotations. This will only slow down the progress. In addition, brd and cor needs to help debuff and haste melees.

In general, we want to kill T3 > T2 > T1

Do not DOT, because there might be need for sleeping the nm.

MNKs can start Mantra rotation when engage on 1st nm.  

T1: Pld flash to claim. no damage like shield bash or reprisal, skills that will cause damage.
Sch will nuke 1 spell by 1 spell. (1spell to each special move from nm). When nm reach move#5. melee get ready to switch target. #6 can full attack and mage sleep the other nm.

T2:Avoid Magical damage. @50% it will start using Whirling Inferno, it must be stunned. Melee avoid using berserk, unless you know you can stay alive.

T3:Geo&SCH keep silence on it. The ability from this nm is fast, so stunning on time is critical. Although not easy to die to this nm. good stuns will speed up precess and avoid mp usage. Keeping enfeebling on this nm wil also aid the killing speed.


After reaching camp/nms. Again, kill adds after reaching camp site. At this point 1sch will 1hr and use accession+Perpetuance to Embrava alliance. The order should  be Melee pt > sch pt, because in general pld pt will have more mp.

It is ideal to do T4 > T5, because T5 is easier for pld to tank, and it won't wipe buffs.

T4: Weakness is Blind. Mage keep Blind on nm. Stuns are most important here all moves are need to be stunned. Missing stun will result melee in getting petrified. Positioning is next important on this nm. Melee stick together and back near wall, this will avoid being push too far and get bind, this will prevent nm get out of attack range.  

T5: Harden Shell must be dispel, good magic acc will help in this aspect. Below 50%, the move Testudo Termor must be stunned. Cor and brds's buff priority is to keep buffs on Melee > ballad.


no need to kill adds along the way, but rather allow pld to aggro and get people to end of tunnel to camp, then kill adds.

Buffs will come after kill off adds, because elf might dispel them.

Again, 2nd SCH will emb alliance in same way to speed up recovery.

Only Brd rotation, because cor rotation takes too long and waste time.

Cor will start their rolls first. around 30seconds of cor's 1st roll, the brd will 1hr+abilities plus songs, then rotate. After rotation they will remain in their party.
Brd in sch pt will keep 100% march and haste on sch. No rotation for this brd. +3 marchs is wanted in this pt.

Once rotations & buffs are done, PLD and pull can go out. It is better to have 1 stun person and provoke person for pull.

PLD will use flee boot > 1hr to aggro all mobs on the way and around tojil. Tojil will use terror move upon aggro, so it is wise for pld to take note. PLD do not run to allie! you will die and use RR kit to hold all mobs near you. If you do not like this part, please don't play pld. On pull, there will be initial stun, and when tojil get back to camp there will be 2nd stun to set its position for melee to get in place.

WHM- cures > everything else. Curaga when is needed. Don't wait too long. Take note of weaken status from Lahar. Be quick when it wears off and fully heal pt.

MNKs- You can start your abilities like focus,dodge,berserk,aggressor when pld is going out for pull. Once tojil comes back, Formless strike right away > engage > 100f. this way you wont' waste killing time. Be smart, if you have much hate. it is wise to use dpt set.

Geo- At start, inside geo will 1hr. keep your debuffs on tojil. if inside geo dies, outside geo will switch spells and take over indi-Lanquor must be on for stuns to land.
2nd geo will 1hr @50%.

100%-75% Geo and Sch can nuke T1-T2 spells. But sch do not go nuking happy, Stuns are priority. Tojil's abilities are very slow, so there should not be any reason for you to be late on stuns.

drg- Make sure you have wyvern skill available at start of tojil, but save until 75%. You can open with Angon, but wait for 2nd Angon when you use 2hr ability. Because from 100%-75% tojil have physical resist, so no need to waste Angon. At 75%, call wyvern + 1hr + Argon.

@75%. Brd will run in to melee and Cor will use Wild Card to attempt reset abilities. At this point after reset, cor use chance to cast 1 roll and brd 1-2songs.  

At this point, MNKs can drop formless strike.

@50%: If wildcard reset was successful, brd will 1hr and rotate again.  
Reminder 2nd sch will 1hr at this point to increase chance of successful stuns.

@25%:MNK with abilities rest will 100f again.
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PostSubject: Re: Tojil Strategy   

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Tojil Strategy
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