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 Why Hello Everyone!

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PostSubject: Why Hello Everyone!   Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:23 pm

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for letting me join the shell!!! Very Happy

Now about myself, well I've been playing pretty much since 2004 with breaks here and there. Uh, first job that I leveled in this game was thf and... well that was something special, haha. Really, I have been loving this game since I started playing. Only time really I felt I wasn't having fun is when they introduced the lvl cap increase from 75-99... I wasn't too happy about that, but came back and am loving every moment.

Well as for accomplishments I've done. I was never really in an endgame shell. I enjoyed a lot of playing this game casual and staying it a lot of social LS's big one being FableUnity.

Now onto who I actually am, haha. Well I reside in NA and I am on the EST. Just got done with college and stuff now using my free time to play this game Very Happy.

I hope to be doing more adventuring with all of you guys!!! Very Happy
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Why Hello Everyone!
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