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 Tax'et, Tutewehiwehi and Morimar plasm farm 12/7/13

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PostSubject: Tax'et, Tutewehiwehi and Morimar plasm farm 12/7/13   Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:45 pm


Friday we will be doing 2 NMs: Tax'et and Tutewehiwehi.

Tax'et starts with Damage Taken -99%. With every use of Exuviation it will take more damage,
and after 20 uses its DT-% will be completely gone. It will continue to use Exuviation as
long as debuffs are re-applied quickly after each use. Exuviation heals a lot of HP, so once
its damage taken is back to normal, no more debuffs should be used. It casts fire-based
spells including Fire IV, Flare, Firaga IV, Firaga V and Firaja. Most of its TP moves are
fire elemental and conal, so DDs should stay on its sides or back. Benumbing Blaze is very high
AoE fire damage plus Paralysis and should be stunned. Erratic Flutter gives Tax'et a potent Haste
effect which should be dispelled if possible. It's very important to keep barfira up and for
everyone in AoE range to use a MDT set to macro in to prevent massive damage from spells and
TP moves.

Tutewehiwehi has access to both Grim Glower(high HP) and Oppressive Glare(low HP).
This can be completely prevented by blinding it however, saving us from the nasty
effects they give.The lower its HP gets, the higher tier nukes it will use. The most
dangerous ones being Thundaga III, IV, V and -ja. It hits quite hard with its melee attacks
so it is recommended for the DDs to take a damage taken set for when they get hate.

After these 2 NMs we will go for a plasm run in Morimar. During this run we will have to take
down Volatile Matamata, so we will get that KI as well.

See you on Friday!

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PostSubject: Re: Tax'et, Tutewehiwehi and Morimar plasm farm 12/7/13   Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:39 am

Hey guys :DIt's me again~

Here are some tips that other pple have posted about the Morimar plasm:

As we get better, we definitely should try taking down the bosses in there, though I suspect that in order to do our first boss clear, we definitely need to bead a few of these NM's away to stand a chance.

For Tutewehiwehi, I'd definitely suggest mdt gear and barthundra, don't take it during Thundersday, and for all melees to stand back against the wall, as it has an AoE knockback, bind and petrification moves, as well as a host of other nasties.

Here is a list of all peiste moves, as well as Tutewehiwehi stats:
Peiste moves:

I have taken Tutewehiwehi 5 times, and unfortunately am 0/5 on him. He has incredible evasion (The highest I've ever managed to get was around 65%, with sushi and acc gear), so I definitely suggest a highly Acc-focused gear, or perhaps /THF for SATA + WS. His thunder magic is really painful, and his Delta Thrust hits for 1k+ on my samurai. I think the main killer though is the petrification, I remember when he started using using petrification moves, it was easy for half the melees to get stuck and disabled.

Strategy-wise, I think we just need to hold him with a proper paladin, ensure melees are properly buffed, and melee-burn him down, all the while ensuring that blind is ALWAYS on him at all times.

Hope we get him this time!

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PostSubject: Re: Tax'et, Tutewehiwehi and Morimar plasm farm 12/7/13   Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:49 am

Oh and before I forget for morimar plasm, I suggest to give quartermaster to the person who is opening the fracture, since the pop item is around 220k now, and airlixirs (NQ) are only around 20k (need 10 to break even). 2 Airlixirs +1 can also offset the cost, but that is only if matamata is taken down, and seeing it is our first attempt, may not be a 100% win Smile

Oh, and maybe we could decide the mnk who gets to tank and take down matamata? Razius, maybe? :3

I'm sticking to the idea that all core jobs should come from the LS, and folks we get from shouts handle the less core jobs, so when the time comes to take Tojil, we know our roles.

Going to post this on FFXIAH!
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PostSubject: Re: Tax'et, Tutewehiwehi and Morimar plasm farm 12/7/13   

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Tax'et, Tutewehiwehi and Morimar plasm farm 12/7/13
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