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 Promathia mission 8-1+ done ^^

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PostSubject: Promathia mission 8-1+ done ^^   Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:31 pm

Tuesday the 3rd of august, me, Raz, Ety, Lili and Phae set out to get CoP done and get us one of the nice ring awards!

The first few missions were a few hours of walking and a few tiny fights. We made a little detour and got us a map too ^^

Then finally after all the walks, we made it to the big boss, Promathia!
It was a really fun fight. The boss had two forms, of which the first was no problem, but the second form was kinda nasty :p We wouldn't have made it without Prishe honestly, she kept punch it as Lili and me tried to keep ourselves alive in the end. The guys were long dead :p

Here is a few pics of the fight and the awesome surroundings there:

Yay Prishe!
Grats on finally getting it done everyone ^^ I hope the reward will be of good use, and that you enjoyed the storyline as much as I did!
Also, thanks a lot for your many hours of helping us Lili, its very,very much appreciated!

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Promathia mission 8-1+ done ^^
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