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 Arrapage Salvage II - 8th of June 2013

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PostSubject: Arrapage Salvage II - 8th of June 2013    Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:18 am

After many years, I have once again embarked on another adventure FFXI, and am logging them down, after more than 5 years of break.  Due to the lateness of the adventure, please excuse me if anything I noted down is inaccurate; let me know and I’ll fix it!
On 8th of June 2013 (Saturday – GMT 1830H), we attempted Salvage  - Arrapago Reef! Our party consisted of:

Razius (Sam)
Hawina (Sch)
Lilitu (Mnk)
Skai (Sam)
Leii (Rdm)

It was my (technically) second attempt, and Leii’s first attempt, as we tried once previously and couldn’t really get very far. Very Happy
We met up at the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins after Leii and I finished up some cut scenes from our CoP missions, and embarked on our expedition!

The basic premise of the plan was simple – Razius and Lili were going in to do the bulk of the damage while Hawina leads us along, giving us instructions who to unlock what restriction, as well as provide her mighty –ga buffs as well as generally keep us alive. Leii will be helping to do enfeebs, healing and hasting me. Me, well, I’m just there to help out as a tertiary damage source/healing XD

The run started well enough, with Lili and Razius unlocking their weapons as well as STR restrictions, Hawina unlocking her spell casting abilities and subjob restrictions, and Leii unlocked her spell casting. I have my mighty (weak) fists! As with all great adventures, it starts off with 5 naked people!

The first level was straight forward enough; Razius, Lili and I were sent on different directions to scout out the chigoe residing on the second lane to the rooms. My direction was the Eastern wing, and as luck would have it, it was in my wing!

Once we located the chigoe, we began systematically dispatching the leeches residing in the eastern wing, without much difficulty since I had my mighty Sam fists. Razius and Lili looked on in awe and helped out whittling them down, while I pounded on them with my STR-50 bare-fists of doom. In fact, some of the leeches were so awe-struck they simply died and despawned on the spot. XDXD

The second floor again posted no real difficulty to the heroic quintet as we dispatched some gears to spawn an NM, and took him down with charm and quick wits. And he dropped some Bloodshed Plans too! When we came to the third floor, we were feeling pretty good about the run with the ease and speed of the run, and could afford to sit down and rest and have a sandwich or two. Oh and we again took down some Archaic gears NM (I think) The 4th floor was a nice floor that had silly Acroliths roaming about, and killing them spawned an NM Acrolith :O Reminds me of Besieged :3 Oh, and I think I had a biscuit or two here too. (EDIT: Thanks to Lili for reminding me! We also killed some Lamia Fatedealers and Lamia Dartists to spawn a Lamia NM - the Lamia Spoliator :3 )

By the time we hit the fifth floor, most of us have gotten most of our equipment back, and I was reunited with my Kantonotachi, to finally cause some damage to the mobs – there’s only so long before doing 0 dmg + Enblizzard gets old. :3 By now I think we killed about 100 Archaic gears – Actually, come to think of it, why are gears attacking random people anyway? And why are they so hard to kill??  (EDIT: Thanks to Leii to correct me about the death sequence!) Unfortunately, we finally encountered our first death here, when the Archaic Rampart that spawned a gazillion gears, that also caused gravity and bind. The army of gears dealt enough damage to knock Razius out, and even my slick Dancer moves could not inspire him to remain standing. After that setback though, we recovered quickly enough with Leii providing the reraise, and moved on to the sixth floor!

On to the sixth floor! The Armored Chariot that we had to take down under 2minutes(?) was easy enough with our 2-hours :O But the Archaic Chariot that spawns Khimaira was a little trickier,   Lili had to bring Khimaira to a safe spot near a door before Razius and I took down the Archaic Chariot and went assisting Lili. The Khimaira has this nasty move called Fulmination that has incredible range that does dmg + stun + paralyze, so the mages had to retreat way back to try and get out of range.

We finally reached the last floor! This was the second time I took this boss and Leii’s first time, while it’s about the 1,067,789th time (give or take) Lili, Razius and Hawina took him, so Leii and I knew we were in good hands. I didn’t really want to approach it and TP it too much, given that my damage wasn’t fantastic, and too much TP to a big monster capable of AoE damage moves is never a good thing, so I tried to stay on the side lines, and meditate, going in for a few hits and a WS/SC where I could. Unfortunately, Razius went down to him too (unfortunately I did not see the exact cause of it  ) But we did manage to beat him in the end! Woohoo to us!!

Notable drops were Umbrage and Bloodshed plans to Lili and Hawina, Alexandrites (around 90) and some Neit gear for Lili Very Happy:D

Looking forward to more exciting fights soon, I can’t wait to get those big Delve bosses and my Uguisumaru!

Dancing Hawina! Or a martial arts pose :O

(Pictures in!)
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PostSubject: Re: Arrapage Salvage II - 8th of June 2013    Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:57 pm

Awesome post Skai Very Happy Really nice to write a little story about our adventures.
I made a few screenshots during our run too, so I thought I would post them here.

As promised I gave Raz some "cool glasses" Very Happy

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Arrapage Salvage II - 8th of June 2013
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