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 Hello, From Skai and Leii~~

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PostSubject: Hello, From Skai and Leii~~   Wed May 29, 2013 6:26 am

Greetings, fellow members of Breeze~

Lili kindly introduced us to Razius and Hawina and the LS yesterday, so here's a friendly Hello, and a little bit about ourselves Very Happy

Leii and I are friends with Phae and Lili from way back, probably around 2004-2005 :3 We played FFXI a long time ago, and stopped for quite a long break - maybe 5-6 years? - before returning to find the playscape much changed. But among the strange new things and all the changes to the world of Vanadiel, the familiar face of Lilitu (and familiar voice of Phaethuer Razz) gave us a really warm and comforting welcome back into the game, and it's great to be back ^.^

We hail from Singapore, a little island in the South-East Asia. For those that don't know this country, its a tropical little island that you can barely see on the map, but is pretty developed and is a decent place to live in ^^ Leii is also my RL girlfriend. Our time zone is GMT +0800, and we're usually on at night from around GMT 1300H - 1600H Smile During weekends we're more active, probably around GMT 0200H - 1600H, depending on RL events Very Happy Both of us are game addicts and we basically play almost everything under the sun, from Horror Survival to MOBA, from RTS to FPS. Smile

It's rather daunting to return since a lot has changed; I had a RDM and NIN at 75 before we quit, but since we've returned, I've brought NIN and SAM to 99, and geared up my SAM partially, mostly thanks to Lili Smile I'd like to help out in whatever I can, though my gear is somewhat limited to pre-ToAU gear (think Hauby, Scorp Harness and AF1 XD).

It's great to join a friendly LS again, and I look forward to meeting more of you!
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Hello, From Skai and Leii~~
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