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 A day of mourning

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PostSubject: A day of mourning   Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:30 pm

Hi linkshell, it is the day after the world cup championship, and the good guys lost. No one bet me fortunately so I guess everyone here missed out on the opportunity to score an easy 100k off of me, shame on you.

By the end of this week I will be asking for lb2, Dont know when, with the release of ncaa 11 on ps3 my playing time might be cut down, will take turns farming and leveling, no set plans, but will be pokegaing ls later.

Im still accepting requests to take part in my fantasy football challenge, where you can win 100k Gil a week, and an additional million to the league winner. Free to join, any questions contact me in game or email me at

Ps you guys might wanna avoid Holland this week, the people are angry and they will blow up your Xbox, and drown you in a sea of oranje.

Pss due to the ultimate lvl 80 monk set being pink, I will wait til 90 opens up because this galka refuses to wear pink. What the hell was se thinking?
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A day of mourning
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