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 Greetings from Balynth!

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PostSubject: Greetings from Balynth!   Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:29 pm

Hello everyone, in game im Balynth or in real life im Dan. Im from sunny England lol! , i'm 29 years of age and i am a heavy goods vehicle mechanic by trade.
I have a few different hobbies outside of the game. I enjoy all aspects of model minatures. I hate to think how much i have spent on the hobby over the years but its all repaid when complete strangers complement the work i have completed. I also have a real soft spot for cars Very Happy. I currently own a renault sport clio 197 and she is my pride and joy!
In game i really enjoy the comradery between friends. I have met some exceptional people over the years playing and hope to continue to do so. I have rdm, blm, cor, bst, war, nin and drk leveled to 99. I am really enjoying Rdm atm, mainly having melee jobs for a long time the advent of abyssea spurred me to level a mage and i have always loved the idea of a 'jack of all trades' mage so Rdm was the answer. I am still a nooblet for sure so any tips are certainly welcome Very Happy . Thanks for reading and i'l see you all in game soon
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Greetings from Balynth!
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