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 For my fellow gamblers

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PostSubject: For my fellow gamblers    Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:56 pm

Hey, furball here.

I don't have many vices, but I am an compulsive gambler. I like to share this vice to corrupt my fellow linkshell mates. Since I am a poor man the only currency I can offer is Gils Gil's Gil's! No real money is being offered or solicited.

Option one: its almost American football season, will be participating in a few fantasy football leagues, if I can get at least five more people, I am willing to offer 1,000,000 Gil to the eventual league champion, and 100,000 Gil to the best team of the week. This mini game combines many of my loves, farming, football, and gambling. If we create a league, it will be a standard yahoo head to head, no charge to play. So no reason not to play, but a million reasons to play. If interested contact me either in game, or via email at

Option 2: Spain will play Holland in the world cup championship. I will wager up to 100k on the match, and yes, I am taking Holland.

Option 3- other, chocobo racing, any side game's you have in mind, I'm up for. Later mates!

I apologize for the jumbled nature of this message, I am typing from a smart phone so the way it looks here might look like junk on your screen, hope it is understandable ^^

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For my fellow gamblers
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