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 Pink Ribbon

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PostSubject: Pink Ribbon   Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:21 pm

Hello everyone I Know I dont come on the forums that much but I like to post this for something I'm doing For Pink Ribbon any of the lady and men might want to know it is call Pink Ribbon Riders. the webpage is Please everyone who see's this go there and look at it. I will tell you where to go to see when I have to do my snow run. when you go there you will see the mian page. you want to click on News & Events then move down to look for snow run tour. You will want to look for Minnesota then click on it. That will give you the dates I will be out there. If you want to Donate anything to help with this please do so. Its my first year doing this and my brother Second time doing this so if you live in MN hope to see you there.
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Pink Ribbon
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