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 Windy rank 10! Woooo

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PostSubject: Windy rank 10! Woooo   Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:41 pm

I was sick of killing Pallid Percy super slow. I wanted my 5 a tick refresh atma already D:!
No one rank 9 or 10 Windy was online, so i tried to solo it a few times. Didn't go too well. :p
Then Shai came on and resqueued me Very Happy Everything went down super fast. Just a few more cutscenes and I got my rank. Very Happy
Thanks a ton Shai!

Some days later Uubu was on, also wanting to do the same mission. So this time Lili and i jumped in to resqueue Uubu Very Happy
Grats on your rank and awesome new atma Uub. ^^

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Windy rank 10! Woooo
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