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 Heblo's Wishlist?

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PostSubject: Heblo's Wishlist?   Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:16 pm

So, here goes. The mission listed next to what I want is where I am:

Finish ZMs: Through the Quicksand Caves
Finish CoP: The Garden of Antiquity
Finish ToAU: The Black Coffin
Finish WotG: In the Name of the Father; Sandy mission: In a Haze of Glory
All of the Add-Ons: Not sure where I'm on on these, hit me up in game
Finish Windurst Missions: The Three Kingdoms
Get Verethragna: Currently on Trial 74 Kill Shoggoth 0/6
Retrieve pup armors: Cirque Sash, Cirque Necklace and all the +2's; currently have legs +1 and 1/8 seals on head still need to farm feets and seals D:
Get Animator +1: Einherjar points item
Get Kenkonken: lololololololololol mythic's a wet dream
Do some assults: currently private second class
Nyzul Isle: I actually started to lead a group in my old ls, but do do us falling apart never did this again, so I"m on floor 1 with some experience Very Happy would love to lead a group again.

I am more than willing to help with other people's wishlist items, set up statics or what ever else it takes to accomplish goals in this game, I understand most of the players on here as of now are eu, I"m west coast north america pale willing to work around peoples schedules...but, I am busy irl a and work you, I'll do what I can to help everyone cherry
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Heblo's Wishlist?
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