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 Genbu and Byakko :D

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PostSubject: Genbu and Byakko :D   Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:53 pm

We really felt like trying out Byakko with the pop items we got a while back. Shai had Abyssea, so he couldn't come. So it was just me, Raz and Lili. Though, when we were almost there, Raz randomly got a looong phonecall. :p So Lili and I decided to just pop Genbu instead. We duod it a far way down untill raz came back to help out with his super ultra ninjutsu! Very Happy Turned out Genbu was very nice to skill it on. :p
Genbu went down quite fast. Ramuh really worked very well on it.
We even managed to get some pretty nice drops. We got his Kabuto, which went to Raz, and Zenith head, which went to me. ^^

During the Genbu fight, Shai told me he was quite bored of being in Abyssea already, and really wanted to do Sky with us. So he just left and came to sky anyways. We also noticed we still had some time before Lili's Abyssea would start, so we decided to still try Byakko. ^^
It was a really fun fight. Raz really did awesome tanking it. Only once did he come close to dying when Byakko used Banishga III and right after that, Claw Cyclone. I was kinda lucky I got a cure in between them. :p Next time I'll sub DRK to Stun Banishga!
I know we're all 85 now, but I'm really proud we managed to lowman it with 4 people!
We didn't really get nice drops, but Raz found a use for Shura Haidate. ^^

Good job on the gods! Now to get another Despot to pop and fight Byakko for some better drops!

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Genbu and Byakko :D
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