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 Hi Linkshell. >_>

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PostSubject: Hi Linkshell. >_>   Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:48 am

Hi, this is Dark obviously. Razz I don't think there's anything 'interesting' about me.. though peculiar, maybe.

I'm not the average 19 year old. lol I mostly play.. well... actually I mostly play than I don't play. 0_0
I live in lolCA in the US. (PST time) I'm usually on whenever so schedules shouldn't be a prob with me.
My main job and passion is my Blu. And my other not-so-main-but-nevertheless-main jobs are Drk, Sam, Mnk, and soon Bst. Jobs are linked here for the sake of simplicity. I ended up dropping a few 75's in order to maximize or at least focus a lot more on my favorites.

Outside of FF I like to take walks out at night sometimes, love listening to music in a dark/quiet room (away from everything Razz), and watch good movies on occasion. I enjoy reading/writing and used to draw way back when until my perfectionist ass couldn't tolerate my drawings. D:

Right now I'm in a "I'm sort of bored of life" phase, so if I'm ever being emo feel free to ignore it. >_> Positives from that are that I'm almost always available to help out with anything or just do random stuff; I'm also perhaps the nicest/evil person I know. Very Happy Anything else just ask--
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Hi Linkshell. >_>
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