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 Windy mission 8-1 and 8-2!

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PostSubject: Windy mission 8-1 and 8-2!   Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:49 pm

Ety and I decided it was time to get us a bit closer to rank 10. We geared up and prepared for a long hike to the top of Davoi to find one of Windurst's ministers. Before we found him, we killed of the nm in the chappel in the top of Davoi. We needed the item it drops for the mission.
After that we continued to look for the Minister. Of course, as usually, I got us very lost :p
Just as I figured the nm was like next to the Minister, we ran into Frits, someone I've known in game for a while. I saw he was rank 8 and wondered if he was doing the same. He was, and so we all teamed up Very Happy
Frits still needed the nm, so we just killed it again, fun!
After that it was just some cutscenes and we were done Smile

For 8-2 it was plenty more cutscenes. We had to go see every Minister of Windurst to obtain their rings and bring them to Apururu to help her resque her brother. It was tons of running around for the cutscenes, like Fei'Yin and back to the Minister in Davoi again :p
All that to prepare for the one hard to get ring :O the one that Semih Lafihna was holding on to!
She had been gone from Windurst for a while, so we had to see if she was okay. Turned out she was captured by a group of Cardians!
We went to the Horutoto Ruins and I popped the Cardians by accident. Didn't have any buffs on or anything. And of course Ety died! But we made it haha. Good job both of you ^^

After the cutscene, we had to return to Windy to bring the rings to Apururu. Together with Apururu we saved her brother, she was so happy and thankfull ^^

And that brought us to rank 9!! Grats all! Rank 10 next!

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Windy mission 8-1 and 8-2!
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