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 THF AF Feet!

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PostSubject: THF AF Feet!   Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:25 pm

After all the Sky farming, Raz, me and Ety set out to open the evil doors of Garlaige Citadel for Hesed's feet AF!
Ety had dinner, so he AFK'd on a switch, but me, Hesed and Raz continued on into the darkness :O
Hesed had to light a fire at some holes to smoke out a Bomb nm. After all the holes were set on fire, the Bomb had nowhere to run and it had to come out to get killed, mhuhahah!

^I love this pic, we're so cool, haha :p

The Bomb had been slain, and Hesed continued on solo, to finally get his well earned reward~

Grats on the feet Hesed, I hope it'll be usefull on beating that nasty Maat up!

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THF AF Feet!
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