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 Sky farming and Genbu :D

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PostSubject: Sky farming and Genbu :D   Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:16 pm


We've doing plenty sky farming for fun lately ^^
Killed Zipacna with Shai for a Gem of the North (used to pop Genbu)
And Lili and I killed Despot for a Gem of the West (used to pop Byakko), and we tried for Olla's pop item, but no luck with that one.
Another time me and Raz went there to farm some, and later Ety joined us. We killed Olla twice and got 2 Winterstones for Genbu. We also managed to kill Ullikummi twice ^^ that one drops Autumnstone for Byakko. And another Zipacna kill.

So in total we managed to get 2 full pop sets for Genbu and one and a half for Byakko Smile

After all the long farming with Ety and Raz, we really felt like doing a god and decided to have a shot and Genbu!
Stingy bastard didn't drop anything nice though D:

Thanks for the fun you guys! Let's farm moar :O!

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Sky farming and Genbu :D
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