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 CoP: Roadforks and Three Paths

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PostSubject: CoP: Roadforks and Three Paths   Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:06 pm


Havn't posted a while, but we've been up to a lot lately.
Some weeks ago we did Roadforks and Three Paths for CoP. They were both in the same area, so decided to knock them both out at the same time. ^^
First Hesed and I killed the Antlion for Roadforks and when that was down, we climbed the mountain, yay fun!

When that was done, Hesed warped to finish the cutscenes and Shai popped up in the area to start the first of 3 paths.
We walked all the way to Boneyard Gully to fight the Sin Hunters.

After that one, off to Bearclaw Pinnacle. There we killed the Snoll Tzar and helped Prishe get her crystal back!

That finished up the first path and we started on the next. For that one we had to go to Pso'Xja and walk through a lot of trap doors. Every trap door would pop a nm, so we killed a few Gargoyles.

The last nm for this path was a nasty bastard D:! It killed Shai, but we got our revenge on the second try!

That was the last thing we did. I was so tired i went to bed. But Shai finished up the rest with Darkmacabre and got Sea! Grats Shai!!
And grats on the mission you got done as well, Hesed ^^

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CoP: Roadforks and Three Paths
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