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 Lotting system

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PostSubject: Lotting system   Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:26 pm

Our lotting system works like this:


Skirmish will use a system where members will put up 3 desired items in their seacom.
@1 being first choice, @2 being second and @3 being third.

At the start of the run our members put up a comment with their desired @1, @2 and @3.
If an item drops, all that have that item @1 can lot that item.
If there is no one that has that item @1, the ones that have that item @2 may lot.
If no one has it @1 or @2, everyone that has it @3 may lot.
In no one has the item in their comment, it will be free lot.

Ghastly Stones in Skirmish are free lot.

Fracture/Delve field NM:

In Fracture and during Delve Field NM everything will be free lot.
The person that buys the entry item is allowed to take a few airlixirs to make up for the amount of gil spent.


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Lotting system
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