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 Love the pic up top...

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PostSubject: Love the pic up top...   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:42 pm

I'll follow the flow of things as well for this.
My real name is Ryan, but I tend to go by Sarion more than that due to it being my pen-name for my writing. I live in New York(USA) (and no, not the city. About 600 miles from the city lol) and I'm 23.

My FFXI life has always been erratic. I first joined Oct of 2004 and made a Rdm Mithra. Solo'd her to 32 as Rdm/War(woo!) before learning about other jobs. Eventually took Rdm and Whm to 75, camped and got drops from every non-HNM in the game, completed CoP/RotZ and had ALL SJ's to 37 (nin/war/mnk/thf/rng/drg/blm/smn/drk) and Sam to 64. Quit about January 2006.
*edit* Felt compelled to mention, Shaidalyn was originally a Hume clothcrafter. Had 90 CC with all subs D:

Came back for some reason, made a new Mithra Samurai. Took Monk and Sam to 75 in about a month's time(helped having a pocket brd for solo) got all SJ's again to 37. Ended up in a great LS that got me through sky (all drops but BH), did salvage with them, even did HNM's (got myself a Speed Belt!) did RotZ but not CoP. Sometime between when I quit in '08 and coming back my char was stripped and deleted. LUCKILY I was able to restore her and world-transfer but the gear is still gone. Working on fixing that now.

Had a 75 WHM 75 RDM and full game completion then quit.
Had a 75 SAM 75 MNK and full endgame aside CoP, then quit.
Saved 75 SAM / 75 MNK less the gear.

Outside of XI I am not doing too much right now. College screwed me on financial aid so I can't afford it this semester and I lost my job when I had to move 80 miles away. On a positive note I head to M.E.P.S.(military entrance processing station) Friday for a long overdue re-entry into the military. Long story there.

I am online whenever I feel like it (usually 1200-0500 EST area with breaks of course) but gladly would make any time if people need something. I, like Hawina, love helping people. I am actually building a site to condense wiki a little but with all the new stuff it's not easy lol. If you ever need help on something that has no monetary value, let me know. I don't help farm Razz

Beyond that, I'm an open book. Ask and you shall know
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Love the pic up top...
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