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 Mission 5-1!

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PostSubject: Mission 5-1!   Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:50 pm

Today we welcomed Calhoun, a new member into the Linkshell ^^ He was working on getting some items for the Magicite mission and I decided to help out.
Once we found our way into Oztroja, we ran into Chaoshexer, who was doing the same mission, so we all teamed up. Chaos wondered if we also wanted to do the next mission, so I checked into the Linkshell if more people needed it. Hesed was on, and later Singsing came too Smile Chaos brought his friend Omycide, and so we were 6!

After a long detour to the Vahzl crystal and whatnot, we finally made it to Fei'Yin! We entered the Qu'Bia arena and crushed them Skellies D:!

Thanks for the fun mission guys. ^^
Shadow Lord will be on the agenda someday soon as well. Smile Hopefully a bit earlier for Hesed too. :O

Here's some pic's:

By the time we made a group pic, Chaos and Omy already left, and Hesed had warped to go to bed. So it's just us 3 and of course Carrie. Very Happy

See ya at the next mission!

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Mission 5-1!
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