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 NM and Coffer Hunting!

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PostSubject: NM and Coffer Hunting!   Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:34 pm

Lili wanted some Serpentes Sabots, so we had a swing at the Abyssea VNM Brooder yesterday.
It was an easy and fun trio fight, with me as RDM, Lili as BRD and Raz as NIN.
The droprate on the Sabots is pretty low, only about 10%, but we got really lucky and went 1/1 on it Very Happy It was the only thing that dropped too :p

And the purple looks awesome! Grats again Lili! ^^

After the NM was killed i ran over to Beadeaux to help out Singsing with a Coffer for the BST body piece. We slayed plenty Quadav and after a few hours the key finally dropped Very Happy

Grats on the full set Sing ^^

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NM and Coffer Hunting!
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