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 Muyingwa evasion and possible sets

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PostSubject: Muyingwa evasion and possible sets   Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:18 pm

Hello! First of all, log in so you can see the links.

Spent a few hours last night analyzing the information we got on Muyingwa. It was a bit tricky because buffs weren't
on fulltime, but it seems it has a lot more evasion than I initially thought. About 1010, compared to Tojils 870.

So I've created some recommended gear sets that will work very well with the buffs we want to go with.

Monk TP
Rank 15 STR path on Manibozho. Hurch'lan if no Anguinus belt. Anchoret Mantle if no Letalis Mantle. Ziel Charm/Ej if neither.
95% accuracy with Focus and Aggressor using Sole Sushi.

Monk Shijin
Rank 15 STR path on Manibozho. Caudata or Anguinus belt if you don't have Ele Belt. Honed Tathlum if no Ele Gorget.
95% accuracy with Focus and Aggressor using Sole Sushi.

Blue Mage TP
Rank 15 DEX Halachuinic. Rank 15 STR Manibozho. Anguinus + Uk'uxkaj/Iuitl head if no Hurch'lan sash. Iuitl Wristbands
if no Buremte Gloves. Ziel Charm/Ej if no Letalis Mantle.
110% accuracy mainhand, 74% accuracy offhand with Aggressor using Sole Sushi. No accuracy trait set.

Blue Mage Requiescat
Rank 15 DEX Halachuinic. Rank 15 STR Manibozho. Iuitl Wristbands if no Buremte Gloves.
101% accuracy mainhand, 65% accuracy offhand with Aggressor using Sole Sushi. No accuracy trait set.

Food should be the best sushi you can afford. Bream +1>Sole +1>Bream>Sole.

I'm assuming Geo evasion down without Bolster, average Hunter's Roll. No Madrigal, because it's not going to be on fulltime
without having to rotate during the fight. And we want to avoid that hassle. Wild Card will be used to extend job abilities.
When the second set of job abilities wear off, GEO will have already used Bolster so accuracy shouldn't be a problem. And
by the time Bolster goes down, JA should be ready again or close.

Samurai using Apex Arrow is not a good strategy with the rest of our setup, I think. With a very solid Apex Arrow set using Sushi
but no Preludes from Bard, WS accuracy would be 20%. Adding SV Preludes would bump accuracy up to 75%. Non-SV
Preludes mean less than 50% accuracy. So for this to be effective, we would have to rotate during the entire fight if we want our
SAMs to have March too. To add to this, the best arrows for Samurai are never on the AH on Shiva..

Once our members have Muyingwa win, I doubt we will fight it very much, if at all. So rearranging many merits and create very
niche sets seems like a lot of work for one fight. I think we can do it with a few minor changes in gear, like the sets posted above
plus some strategy adjustments.

If you want to create and test sets yourself, I recommend Motenten's DPS Spreadsheets. Just go to the page "Other Lists"
and change a monster in that list to Muyingwa stats. Its stats are:

Level: 130 (doesn't matter with no Level Correction)
Level Correction: No
Defense: 1600 (I'm just guessing here)
Evasion: 1010
Agi: 200
Vit: 200
Crit Def Bonus: 0%
Crit Rate Mod: 0%

Buffs we use:
~50% def down (fluctuates during the fight, but it's a good value for spreadsheeting purposes)
2x March +3, 3-4x Minuet +3 (Might use Madrigal in reality, but sets should be able to handle them wearing off for a while anyway)
Chaos Roll 25% attack bonus, Hunter's Roll 20 Accuracy
41 eva down Torpor

I will figure out and add gear sets for other jobs in this post if there is a demand for it.

Links for those not logged in below
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Muyingwa evasion and possible sets
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