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 Hello Linkshell.

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PostSubject: Hello Linkshell.   Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:52 pm

Take a page out of Haw's book with this introduction.

My real name is Adam. I live in the US so I'm usually on mornings here, none of you are online and will not see me too frequently.
Don't have too many hobbies other than gaming, but I do that well. When I'm not seeking party in FFXI and playing older Final Fantasy's on my PS3 I'm off playing either WoW or StarCraft:2 (Don't knock them, they're good games just like FFXI!). I've been playing FFXI ever since 3 months into its US release. Over that time I've had 4 characters (crazy I know!) I've accumulated quite a wealth of knowledge of the game, but have no 75's on Singsing. My first character ever was Pandabear on Bahamut server... didn't do much with him. Then I made Maniacforsale, he was my first 75, and a DRG at that... when DRG were "bad" and our 2hr was "Call Wyvern" (Also I was #7 DRG to 75 in the world cause nobody invited us!) I deleted him and moved to Shiva server with my wife, there I rolled Fiercekitten. He came out to be 75 RDM and BLM... did that in about 4 months and got bored with him and immediatly deleted him and made Rockcrab! On this character I did most of my work getting 75 PLD, COR and was working on DNC (65) before I quit the game for the realease of "Wrath of the Lich King." Came back A WHILE later and made Singsing... She was gonna do my solo jobs (BST, PUP) but got them to 56 each and became quite bored with them. I'm now leveling BLM but not really sure what I want to make my main... just enjoying the game at the moment.

There is the long history of me... if you didn't take time to read all that I'm not mad... It's alot Razz

Also, love the drawing for the site Haw, it's very good ^.^
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Hello Linkshell.
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